Retirement is important. Unless you’re one of those lucky people who loves and lives their job to the fullest (in which case, serious congrats) you probably want to be able to retire at some point in your life, and perhaps ideally, as soon as possible. In this article I’m going to try to give a quick summary of what you, as a young person, should prioritize in putting money into if you want to be able to retire smartly and as soon as possible.

IRAs — The Minimum

Benjamin Franklin once said “In this world, nothing can be said to be certain, except death…

A friendly guide to introductory credit cards and personal finance geared for college students

About This List

As an almost-graduating college student, a question that I get asked a decent and surprising amount by friends is what kind of first credit card as they begin to enter the “adult” world. A credit card is a first step into entering the world of personal finance, and I felt like I should share the knowledge that I’ve gained with you in hopes of helping you make a good personal finance decision as you exit college and enter adulthood.

Why You Should Get a Credit Card

If you’re reading this, you’re probably a…

Eliot Huang


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